For more than 30 years, contractors and architects have chosen
the professionals at Visible Innovations Group for our ability to formulate
unique designs and build structures with unmatched quality.

Visible Innovations Group turns your architectural vision into reality and ships directly to the job site - anywhere in the United States. From our first meeting to the installation of your awning or sunshade, our team of experts will listen to your needs and work with you throughout the entire design process to ensure satisfaction.

Value Engineering:
Designers present their creative concepts to us, and we use decades of experience to bring that concept to fruition. After looking at a specific drawing or design, we will anticipate the needs of all involved parties and help provide practical and economical solutions.

3D AutoCAD Shop Drawings:
Typical shop drawings only highlight the structure, but Visible Innovations Group also outlines where the finished product is placed on the building. Rendered in 3D AutoCAD and delivered as a PDF file, our shop drawings provide an unmatched attention to detail and help simplify installation.

Manufacture & Ship:
We want the process to be as seamless as possible upon receiving your finished product. Certified welders manufacture our products in 24 foot sections, creating a professional look with less seams, bolts and screws. This also allows for less penetrations through the building membrane and fewer places for water to get in.